Monday, June 04, 2007

From Bismarck to "peacekeepers" and NK conflict resolution

So many international “peacekeeping” missions failed to fulfill their primary mission, just to mention Serbia, Rwanda. & i cannot recall any successful peacekeeping operation in the human history. U know why? A century back Bismarck had given the answer by stating: ‘The Balkan is not worth the live of one German soldier.’

Unless there will appear a power/state/international body that will be ready to pay for saving unprotected groups, no peacekeeping mission will make a sense. Do u imagine in today’s word a nation/group that is ready to sacrifice own people/soldiers for (maybe successful, maybe not) saving another nation/group? Not for the sake of protecting own land and own ppl, of gaining territory, of enjoying the fame of being the winner, of any material gains… no! just for saving lives w/o getting anything in turn. I, sincerely, cannot. & i cannot blame anybody for that. I myself would never sacrifice my son/my countryman for saving a stranger. For no high humanitarian idea. Tut mir leid.

Unless those unprotected lives are worth for someone more than own life, it will never ever happen. Even an order from the tops cannot work here.

Over a year we hear speculations on dislocating Armenian forces and locating international peacekeeping forces in/around Karabakh. And recent confirmations that peacekeeping forces are part of the document discussed in the negotiations and it's close to be signed. And last news from Baku that they agreed upon it. quoting: “The sides (OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs and Baku) achieved agreement on deployment of peacekeeping forces in the security zone. There is an opinion that the peacekeeping contingent should not include the states of the region and co-chair states of the OSCE Minsk Group,” the Azeri FM said (source: And many other worrying news bring a rhetoric question to mind:

Who can be trusted for undertaking peacekeeping mission in the NK conflict line? Who is today ready to die for protecting Armenian population in the region?

- Americans? Any European nation? At last, our “strategic partner” Russians? The right answer to all options is “NO”.

Only Armenian men will die for saving the Armenian population. So fuck off with your “peacekeeping” missions! The only safety guaranty for Armenian civil population both in NKR and Armenia is the Armenian army. & it should not move a single millimeter from occupied positions unless our neighbors and great powers unconditionally recognize Armenians’ right to live in their motherland. FREELY.

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