Thursday, May 21, 2009

help a child to live!

hayer, a 6-years old boy from artsakh needs our help to pay for treatment. remember Gosha?

[info]ogostos collected money in yerevan couple of times (she still does, contact her if u're in armenia!), but it's still far not enough. i think those living in europe would be able to collect more money to help. many of us wanted to help, but transferring small amounts from EU doesn't make much sense, as a significant part is lost in transfer fees. a solution: my friend is flying from berlin to yerevan on 02.06.09, i will pass some money with him and also try to collect money for Gosha from armenian-berliners. plz join, if you can! under the cut i'm giving my german bank account info, transfers from EU are free of charge! ( +bank info for Germany & EU transfers )

info for collecting money in russia here & here plz spread the info!



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