Monday, January 14, 2008

baku, azerbaijan. january, 1990.

another black day in armenian calendar. pogroms in baku. the last in the series of modern azerbaijan. & today mediators convince us to live again together with those pogromshiks?! give armenian cities & villages under azerbaijani control? fuck off. till the end of days we will remember & remind & never ever let it happen to us again.

my memories.. was still a kid, adults were trying to hide such things from us. i remember in winter of '89 during evacuation after earthquake we had a neighbor, an armenian refugee from kirovabad. every time she could find an ear, she was telling her stories.. mother didn't let us close when they were talking, but once i heard a rape story, which i wasn't able to understand back then. she was about my monther's age. alone, lost her family. i can't understand why she needed to retell & refresh her hurts all the time?! now i get, her speech defect wasn't from birth. what i cannot get, kirovabad was in 88, sumbait was even before. how, how armenians could stay in that damned country after such pogroms?!
too late...

rest in peace

чтобы помнили
13-го января 1990-го года, Баку. Армянские погромы
Баку 1990
Январь - 1990
Anti-Armenian pogroms and massacre in Baku Back in 1990
13-го января 1990-го года, Баку. Армянские погромы
Январь 90 года. Ереван, Армения
гром не грянет
мемуары генерала Лебедя
воспоминания Александра Сафарова
Преданные бакинцы


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