Monday, January 21, 2008

only in armenia... pre-election edition

here found some parallels between jews & armenians, then remembered the fun series "only armenians..."

let's add to the series. sorry, if won't be that funny.

only in armenia an "intellectual" comes to power with a pan-national movement & tyrannises the same folk so that in 5 years has to falsify the election results.

only in armenia the "intellectual", who has been in tribunes of mln's demonstrators & got the power only due to this national wave, will force a bloody crackdown of folks' demonstrations.

only in armenia the monster will stay unpunished & be back & play a victim, an opposition, a fighter (the only one in horizon) for democracy & liberalism. & with such cynicism discredit the ideas of democracy & liberalism.

only in armenia years after his bloody crackdown the intellectual-monster will again use mass-demonstrations & again be back to its tribunes & from there criticize everything & everybody, the current powers, the current opposition, complain of limiting his freedom of speech, of prosecutions.

& only in armenia ppl will sincerely believe in him & go after him. again.

how? koz ppl have short memory? what's this? a mass-amnesia? is it curable?

to freshen memories:

video via pigh

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